THIS OPPORTUNITY HAS NOW CLOSE: The assessment will be conducted using an assessment tool called the VI-SPDAT. It is a combination of a tool called the Vulnerability Index (VI) and the Service Prioritization Decision Assistance Tool (SPDAT). The VI-SPDAT helps us determine the severity of the barriers that homeless families face, and what needs to be addressed first in order to help them best. Using this tool requires some training, if you would like to be involved in the assessment of homeless families, let our volunteer coordinator know at 714-515-7150.




An integral part of our mission is to be able to know every homeless family by name. We not only want to know the individual needs and barriers to each family, we also want to initiate a personal relationship with each family. If you want to be the face of compassion to one of these families we have plenty of opportunities for you. Each assessment site will need volunteers that are willing to hand out vital services and goods to each family after the assessment is over. We are not only going to assess the families’ needs, we are also going to provide the services we are able to in the moment.




The final step of our project is to inform the community about the findings of our assessment. We want to include the community in the action plan that is formed to address the problem of family homelessness in Orange County. Join us in Costa Mesa at City Council Chamber77 Fair Drive Costa Mesa, CA 92626, from 9-11AM on June 2 for a community debrief of just what exactly we found out.